A big piece of the equation when trying to figure out what kind of player the Red Sox can secure for their new power bat is Hanley Ramirez. If someone such as Eric Hosmer or Carlos Santana is scooped up via free agency, they can play first base while Ramirez slides into the designated hitter role. But if the likes of J.D. Martinez, an outfielder and DH, is acquired then it would necessitate Hanley moving back to first. On the surface, the strategy of putting Ramirez back in the field would seem dicey considering his limited time there in 2017, along with any uncertainty that might emanate from offseason shoulder surgery. But Dombrowski is adamant this will be a legitimate option. "We can count on him to play first base for us like he did in 2016," Red Sox Dave Dombrowski said of Ramirez while speaking at Monday's GM meetings. That would be 133 games at the position. Last year? He played in the field 18 times.