You can't blame Jerry Gray if he's looking over his shoulder. As tunnel-visioned as he might be, Gray has to be aware that Gregg Williams appears to be headed to town. And when you're the Titans defensive coordinator, as Gray is, that must give you pause. In NFL coaching circles, Williams' reputation precedes him. Even before the whole Bountygate fiasco that got him suspended from the league indefinitely, Williams was considered slightly larger than life, an X-and-O savant with a lengthy, colorful résumé. Assuming that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lifts the suspension after the Super Bowl, it appears that Titans coach Mike Munchak wants to install Williams as assistant head coach. It's not a new position. When he took over in 2011, Munchak retained Dave McGinnis from Jeff Fisher's staff and put him in the role of senior assistant coach. Because of his comparatively laid-back personality, McGinnis didn't rock the boat. But Williams isn't wired that way. He has a commanding presence. When he walks through the door, he tends to take over the room. With that in mind, it's hard to see him retreating to a corner office and being comfortable — or effective — in an advisory role. All of which begs some questions: Can an NFL defense have two bosses? Can Gray and Williams coexist? Can Munchak effectively manage such a potentially awkward situation? Look, you shouldn't bring in Williams just so he can make amends and rehabilitate his reputation. This is the NFL, not a halfway house for recovering bounty-placers.