I wrote last week that Juan Nicasio is a great unknown for the Rockies this year. This week my topic is the pitcher who has the greatest amount of untapped potential on the Rockies' roster - former top 5 pick Drew Pomeranz. He's an interesting study because it probably should be Pomeranz (and not Nicasio) that is getting buzz as a linchpin in the 2013 rotation instead of being mentioned as a candidate for the 5th starter spot. After all, Pomeranz is the top 50 prospect with the killer stuff and prototypical size - and he's a lefty to boot. He's more than two years younger than Nicasio and has roughly the same major league sample size to evaluate. Nicasio has slightly out-pitched Pomeranz, but thus far both pitchers have been rated as roughly league average by the park adjusted ERA+ metric (101 for Nicasio, 95 for Pomeranz, league average is 100).