The Magic's fortunes next season - -and maybe the future of the franchise - just might rest on the comebacks of Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu. If they can recapture their abilities - physically and mentally - the Magic can improve on their 52-win season and go farther in the playoffs. The offseason is critical for Arenas, especially. He needs to return as fit and flexible as possible. He says he will work dilgently with famed Chicago-based trainer Tim Grover. His left knee, surgically repaired three times, is the key to him restoring some semblance of the explosiveness that made him one of the NBA's top scorers. If Arenas wants to make GM/mentor Otis Smith look good - it was Smith who rescued him from Washington in a mid-December trade - he needs to have the best offseason of his career. Arenas is the Magic's highest-paid player - three more years at about $21 million per season - and can win fans over if he can produce. Turkoglu is a mystery, although he looks like a guy who got too comfortable after signing a five-year, $50-million deal two years ago. He washed out in Toronto and Phoenix before fizzling in Orlando - and that's a trend. Turk was named the league's most improved player in 2007-08, and virtually needs to get in that frame of mind and body again. He, too, has a lengthy deal, three more years at about $11 million per, although the last year is only partially guaranteed.