Alex Ovechkin would prefer not to talk about breaking Wayne Gretzky's NHL career goal-scoring record.

He'll gladly talk about his cars, like his G-wagons and his Bentley coupe. Or the best high-end sushi joints on the road. He'll happily indulge you about fashion: "Dolce, Dolce, Dolce," he said, cataloguing his shirt, pants and shoes during an interview.

But the Gretzky record ...

"I don't even think about it right now, to be honest. It's a long way away. And it's a hard way. Whatever happens, happens," the Washington Capitals star told ESPN. "You watch TV. You listen to the radio. You talk to your friends. Stuff comes up in conversations. But, realistically, it's kind of far away."

Well, not that far away. Ovechkin, 36, has 730 goals in 1,197 games. Gretzky had 894 goals in 1,487 games before The Great One retired in 1999.