Think of it as a pre-camp camp for James Franklin and his coaches. Franklin, Penn State's first-year head coach, said Friday that he will take his staff somewhere in Pennsylvania just prior to August camp in an effort to get "on the same page". It's something Franklin has done before and he sees the value in bonding with his staff before the coaches get pulled in all different directions once the season starts. "We always do a staff retreat in the summer, before camp starts,'' Franklin said. "I always find it's good to get away from the office because it's hard to sit down and get a lot of concentrated amount of time together. Because if you're in the office, everybody's getting pulled out for something. So we'll go away and do a staff retreat. "That's a time for us to talk philosophy. Coaches never want to take the time to talk philosophy when we're drawing up plays and blitzes and things like that. And I think making sure that we're all on the same page every year, especially when we have staff come and go and new members come in. "I think it's a really good time to sit down and talk and spend some time together.'' Prominent among the new faces on Franklin's staff is former PSU wideout Terry Smith, whose Pittsburgh-area connections — he coached at Gateway for a decade — should help the Lions recruit in western Pennsylvania. Smith is PSU's cornerbacks coach and defensive recruiting coordinator. "What we try to do is, every year, we'll try and go to a different part of the state,'' Franklin said. "We'll go to Pittsburgh one year, we'll go to Philadelphia one year, we'll go to Harrisburg, we'll go wherever we can go. We like to be able to do some different things.