Cam Newton was a fan of Jalen Hurts from afar -- with Hurts the same. The two quarterbacks finally got to meet during the Philadelphia Eagles' joint practice with the New England Patriots on Monday, and will square off against each other during the week. 

Thursday may be the only opportunity for Hurts to go up against Newton in a game. The Patriots quarterback embraces the opportunity seeing a player he's heard a lot about over the years get the chance at his own NFL glory. 

"Hurts is my little bro man," Newton said Monday. "There are a lot of guys I admire from afar. Just to see the state of the NFL have so much athleticism at the quarterback position. It's something to smile about. 

"Jalen is a person I've followed through college, hearing so much about him really though high school in the Houston area -- with me going to JuCo (junior college). For me to see him out here today, it's just always gonna be love between us."