It wasn’t quite the same as Jim Mora’s 20-year-old PLAYOFFS?!? rant, but it stands out on a Thursday full of NFL news.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton bristled on Thursday after someone mentioned playoffs during his midweek press conference.

“Can we please stop mentioning that word?” Newton said. “I’m trying to get a win. Hell. I’m 0-2. All right? . . . .The important thing for me is, yeah, we know what the grand scheme of things is, but the reality is, like, I’m 0-2. . . .This ain’t no Cinderella [story], like I’m here to win football games. . . .  I’m here to win. And when we win, everybody else gets promotions. And when you don’t, a lot of people are gonna get cut along the way. So that’s just the harsh reality of the league that we play in.”

The most notable person to get cut recently was offensive Joe Brady, abruptly fired after both of Newton’s failed starts. He addressed during one of his answers whether he had something to do with the change that was made.