It was made clear on Thursday that Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan no long wants to discuss allegations that he sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVII. Last month, former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown suggested that Callahan, the head coach of the Raiders from 2002-2003, changed the team’s game plan only days before the Super Bowl. The Raiders lost 48-21 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were coached by Callahan’s friend, Jon Gruden. Brown added that Callahan "hated" the Raiders and only coached the team because Gruden, who was the head coach of the Raiders from 1998-2001, "made him" join his staff. Fellow Raiders wide receiver Jerry Rice publicly supported Brown’s comments. "I felt saddened, I felt disappointed and I felt outraged because of the nature of those comments," Callahan said Thursday. "But again, you know, it’s in the past. It’s behind us and I moved forward and I hope Tim and Jerry have as well." Callahan released a statement last month, saying that he "categorically and unequivocally [denied] the sum and substance of their allegations," adding that they are "ludicrous and defamatory." "I addressed it," Callahan said Thursday. "I addressed it last month down at the Senior Bowl and I would leave it at that."