Prepare to hear the term a lot during the 2019-20 season.

John Calipari may have the most "positionless" team he has coached during his time at Kentucky.

Calipari, who is entering his 11th season as the Wildcats' head coach, took to Twitter Sunday night to praise his latest collection of talent.

"This is what I enjoy most -- having a great workout with a group of players who wanted this culture, wanted to be challenged, wanted to be made uncomfortable," Calipari wrote. "They all have big dreams and aspirations and wanted to be in an environment with other good players.

"This is truly a positionless team with length. We’re only just beginning this journey and I’m liking what I’m seeing."

Calipari signed one of his most intriguing classes in 2019, a group that Rivals ranks No. 2 nationally.