Orioles icon Cal Ripken Jr. who's been speculated publicly as a possible successor to Davey Johnson as Nationals manager suggested in a hypothetical sense that he'd listen if approached about a managing job. But he didn't say he was definitely interested. Not quite anyway. As is his way Ripken was mostly coy about the whole subject. "There's nothing new to report" Ripken currently working TV for TBS said at first. But at one point regarding the idea of managing he did slip in a couple hints there are worse ideas. "At some point I might like to do that" he said. The Ripken speculation started when he didn't rule out the Nationals in an interview in August and came up again when Nats star Jayson Werth said Ripken would be his first choice just ahead of his second choice Nats coach Randy Knorr. Danny Knobler has reported that the two leading candidates at present appear to be Knorr and Diamondbacks third-base coach Matt Williams. Ripken said the speculation really took off after he told someone "I'm getting an itch" to get back in the game. But this time Ripken added "I don't know where or how." If Ripken were really interested it might be tempting for the Orioles' rival to the south to take a peek. Ripken has received overtures before and always turned them down so it's far from a given he'd seriously entertain the idea even if he did say "If someone was going to come to me I'd certainly listen."