"Still looks good," a smiling Lorenzo Cain said as he pulled on a Brewers jersey for the first time in more than seven years. And with that, the memories flooded back. Cain and his original team finalized a reunion Friday with a five-year pact that guarantees $80 million, a Brewers record for a free agent. Now 31, Cain will wear No. 6 this time around after donning No. 36 for his first stint in Milwaukee as a wiry rookie in 2010. "I remember saying, 'You can hit the ball a long ways. Just try to do it,'" said Brewers manager Craig Counsell, a teammate of Cain's back then. "That was early -- I was telling him to hit home runs in 2010." "We had a little wager, Prince [Fielder] and Counse," Cain said. "If you hit, I don't know, 10 home runs in batting practice, they would give me 50 bucks." "I knew there was power in there," Counsell said. "I was trying to get the power out of him because I knew it was in there." Said Cain: "That's the kind of guys they were. Those guys were pushing me, and they saw the potential in me and were trying to find any way to get it out of me. I definitely appreciate that, for sure." The stories flowed Friday, when Cain, who was traded with other prospects to the Royals in December 2010 for Zack Greinke, returned via the richest contract for a free agent so far this offseason and the richest for a free agent in Brewers history, surpassed by only Ryan Braun's $105 million extension in 2011 among all contracts in franchise history.