Dolores Cain kept score of her son's game Wednesday night, channeling her nervous energy as she has since he began playing baseball as a young boy. Watching the television with her husband at their home outside Memphis, she scribbled her usual notes in the margins of the scorecard. "That's a beauty," she wrote, quoting Giants broadcaster Jon Miller on a changeup by Matthew. The owner of Major League Baseball's 22nd perfect game is widely known as Matt Cain, but to his parents, he is Matthew. "Don't change the orange shoelaces," the announcers quipped about Brandon Belt's goofy accessory after he hit a home run, and Cain's mother wrote it down. The scorecard from June 13, 2012, is a keepsake worthy of a place in Cooperstown. Dolores Cain has a better destination in mind. She wants to turn over the scorebooks to her 18-month-old granddaughter, Hartley, when she is mature enough to understand her father's profession and to enjoy those colorful notations. Of course, Cain's kin and friends will remember Wednesday night in many ways. In his parents' home, silence took hold in about the fifth inning. Tom and Dolores Cain did more than simply honor the baseball code about not mentioning a no-hitter in progress. They simply stopped talking.