Yoenis Céspedes is officially set to defend his Home Run Derby title after Toronto's Jose Bautista named him to the American League squad on Tuesday. Céspedes said after batting practice that he will not stop early as he did last year, when advised to do so by David Ortiz. Céspedes won with 32 homers, but he said at the time he could have hit more had he not finished his rounds when he'd hit enough balls out to advance. "What happened to me last year is not going to happen again," he said, with radio broadcaster Manolo Hernandez-Douen interpreting. "David Ortiz told me, 'That's enough.' This time, I'm going to try to get as many as I can." So, how many might that be? "I don't know," he said. "I'll hit every one I can." Céspedes said last year's event taught him to be more patient. He will make sure he gets a good pitch before trying to connect, especially in the seven-out first round. Céspedes missed four games with a wrist injury after the Home Run Derby last year, and the A's made it clear they weren't enthusiastic about him participating again, but said that it was Céspedes' decision to make.