Byron Scott won't pick a winner in the proposed $50,000 one-on-one match between Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant. The trash-talking wager during recent workouts here between Irving's U.S. Select team and Bryant's Olympic team was all over the Internet last week. "Somehow my viral status has grown over the last week and a half," said Irving, who admitted he was not sure the event actually would happen. He spoke before the announcement was made that he had broken a bone in his right hand and would miss the summer-league schedule. If it does, Scott's staying out of it. The Cavaliers coach mentored Bryant as a player and has done the same with Irving. "That's new school against old school," Scott said, laughing. "You guys know how I feel about Kobe and I know what Kobe is going to try to do to him, too. He's going to take him to the post and physically beat him up and beat him up and beat him up, but if he misses and he has to guard Kyrie, he's in trouble. "If Kobe doesn't miss, he's going to be hard for Kyrie to beat. But if he misses his shot and Kyrie gets the ball, it's going to be interesting. I don't think Kobe can stay in front of this young man. Not now, especially at Kobe's age now. If Kobe was five or six years younger, I'd pick Kobe right away. But I don't think he can stay in front of his guy."