Cavaliers coach Byron Scott and Golden State coach Mark Jackson played together in Indiana during the 1994-95 season, and their respect for each other was evident before their teams faced each other on Tuesday night at The Q. "I think Jack's doing a great job," said Scott, adding that he never thought Jackson would become a coach. "They put a lot of pressure on him this year when everybody was predicting that Golden State would be in the playoffs. Obviously, they're one of the top five seeds in the Western Conference, so he's doing a great job. "He's got some great players, and I think he's finally gotten to them to the point where they understand they have to play defense on a night-to-night basis to give them a chance to win because they are so explosive offensively. But that's where I see the biggest change. They're holding their opponents to 43.5 (percent) from the field. So from a defensive standpoint, they're getting the job done."