The Andrew Bynum pursuit now has extended into a third day with a third team, and the questions everyone has posed to the coveted 7-footer remain unanswered. Cleveland Cavaliers? Atlanta Hawks? Or Dallas Mavericks? "Time will tell," said David Lee, Bynum's agent Tuesday evening. Lee spoke from a plane headed to Dallas, where he and Bynum will meet with Mavericks officials Wednesday. It will be the third free-agent pitch in three days for the intriguing 25-year-old center with questionable knees. Wednesday also is the first day that free agents are permitted to sign with teams. The Cavaliers' offer came first, and is perhaps the most lucrative of the three Bynum is mulling. Yahoo reported that the Cavaliers offered Bynum a two-year, $24 million deal, with a team option for a second year. The Cavaliers have plenty of salary-cap space to offer Bynum around $12 million per year, but many teams remain skeptical that Bynum's knees are healthy enough for him to play a full season. Bynum missed all of 2012-13 with the Philadelphia 76ers because of knee problems that eventually resulted in surgery in March. Lee has said that he will not permit his client to work out for teams. However, Lee also has said he expects Bynum to be ready to play at the start of training camp. It's a gamble whether Bynum will be able to not only return to form, but return at all. But it's a gamble that a handful of teams are willing to take on a player who is considered an elite NBA center when healthy.