Some things in our little corner of the sports world make perfect sense: The Suns “parting ways” with General Manager Lance Blanks; the Cardinals playing it safe in the first round and taking an offensive lineman. Other things we just don’t get. Like, say … The groundswell of support for Charles Barkley to be the Suns’ new GM. OK, Barkley undoubtedly would win the press conference and he’d create some much-needed buzz for a franchise that barely holds our interest anymore. But at some point, the buzz dies down and the GM has to work hard at the job and make good decisions, neither of which we can be sure Barkley will do. Just because a former player is a great quote or a national celebrity doesn’t mean he should run a basketball team. For proof, we give you Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, who is about to hire his third coach in three years and makes Robert Sarver look like Jerry Colangelo. If Barkley wants to become a general manager, let him learn from the inside, working as an assistant GM or player personnel director. If those positions are beneath him, well, then we’ll know he wasn’t all that serious about the job in the first place.