Matt Stajan was not surprised by anything he saw. Then again, it had been the first time the Calgary Flames centre had ever seen Roman Cervenka play. "For everybody it was kind of wait and see — I think he impressed everybody," said Stajan, who, during Saturday's 4-3 win over the Edmonton Oilers, had been flanked by Jiri Hudler and Cervenka. "We've seen a few flashes in the early going, but (Cervenka) is obviously a great player. Like myself, everybody should be real excited." For Hudler, it had been his debut with the Flames. For Cervenka, it had been his debut in the National Hockey League. "He's got a great first two steps," Stajan said of Cervenka. "He reads the play really well. Look at (Lee Stempniak's) goal. The play he made for that to happen — I don't know if a lot of guys saw it, but he lifted their defenceman's stick. If he doesn't do that, Jay Bouwmeester never gets the puck . . . and who knows? That's just great hockey sense that a lot of people might not see."