Hope typically springs eternal on NBA media days, and that was the case for just about every team throughout the league on Monday.

Every year, we hear about players who are in the best shape of their lives, those who've gained 10 pounds of muscle (or lost 10 pounds of unwanted weight), all the skills that were added over the offseason and more.

Of course, not every team remains optimistic throughout the season. Much of it, if not all, can be squashed by the reality of the campaign (and the losses that come with it).

Other tidbits you hear on media day prove prophetic.

The point of today's piece is sussing out which of those topics we should buy, as well as which ones we should sell.


Zion Williamson Is 'at My Best Right Now'

The general health (or lack thereof) of Zion Williamson figures to be a talking point for the remainder of his NBA career.

And for players with unfortunate injury histories, questions about how they're feeling always come up.

When Zion was faced with them, he said, "I feel like I'm at my best right now."

There's really no way to know for sure if all of the above is true till we see Zion in action, but he certainly appeared to be in shape at media day.

Starting training camp at this point should set him up for success over the coming weeks and months. Plus, he just turned 22 in July.

He's supposed to be getting better, and knowing that he's years pre-prime should be terrifying for his future opponents.

Hopefully, the first few years of his career will more or less look like Joel Embiid's in hindsight. After missing all of what would've been his first two campaigns in the NBA, Embiid has generally been available.

Verdict: Buy


Russell Westbrook Is Patrick Beverley's 'Best Friend'

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Patrick Beverley this offseason, analysis of his and Russell Westbrook's yearslong beef was unavoidable.

The topic coming up at media day was inevitable, and when it did, Beverley told ESPN's Dave McMenamin that Westbrook has been his "best friend" since the trade.

He also relayed a story that he felt demonstrated how "real" Westbrook is.

All of that may be true, but so were all the events that led to the tension in the first place. The temperature could be turned up on that tension if (or when) the Los Angeles Lakers start losing.

Right now, there just doesn't seem to be enough talent on the roster beyond superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the Lakers to compete with the West's top tier.

Verdict: Buy that things are fine now, but Sell that it will last.