With apologies to Rui Hachimura and Kendrick Nunn, the first big domino of this year's NBA trade season fell on Sunday, when the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets agreed on a deal that will send Kyrie Irving to Texas to join Luka Doncic.

And, as you almost certainly already know, this trade probably won't be the only domino.

We still have much of this week to go before Thursday's trade deadline, and Sunday's move could even accelerate the timelines of other discussions around the league.

Reporting from the rumor mill is going to be all over the internet, which means it's time to put some stories through the tried-and-true buy-or-sell exercise.


Tim Hardaway Jr. Available?

Potential off-court issues aside, the Mavericks have emerged from this trade with a closing lineup that you can envision in the conference finals (or, dare we say, the Finals?).

But there's probably some debate as to whether Tim Hardaway Jr. would be in that lineup. And that debate may include the idea of trading him.

"Dallas has discussed options to move Tim Hardaway Jr., multiple people familiar with the Mavericks' approach pre-Irving said," Callie Caplan wrote for the Dallas Morning News.

"Though he can boost the offense when in a shooting rhythm, Hardaway's contract is viewed as a long-term investment that doesn't justify his streaky high-volume production while limiting the Mavericks' future financial flexibility."

Hardaway has long been a streaky offensive player, but lately, that streak has mostly been cold. Since the start of last season, he's averaging 13.9 points and shooting a below-average 34.3 percent from deep.

And with Dorian Finney-Smith headed to the Brooklyn Nets as part of the Kyrie deal, Dallas is suddenly pretty thin at the forward spots. The Mavs now need versatility and perimeter defense more than they need THJ's occasionally potent outside shooting.

The problem, of course, is that Hardaway Jr.'s inconsistency and contract (which will pay him $17.9 million next season and $16.2 million the year after) aren't exactly secrets around the league.

So, even if Dallas wants to move him, getting a helpful player back is far from guaranteed.

Verdict: Buy that the Mavericks are shopping THJ, but sell that a deal happens.


Kevin Durant Not Thrilled with Ben Simmons?

The other half of Sunday's big trade may not be done dealing either.

Based on the play of Ben Simmons this season, the Brooklyn Nets are suddenly a one-star team, and they could have a decision to make on Simmons or Kevin Durant between now and Thursday.

"Ben Simmons has missed the last four games with left knee soreness, but sources familiar with Durant's thinking tell the Daily News the star forward has been less than enthralled with Simmons, who is averaging just 7.9 points, 6.6 rebounds and six assists per game on a max contract in Brooklyn," Kristian Winfield wrote for the New York Daily News.

If Brooklyn is intent on keeping Durant, it might need to look around for Simmons takers, assuming there are any. And if that market is uninspiring, they should at least take calls on KD.

A rebuild might be staring the Nets in the face, and few players could generate an instant rebuild kit filled with young players and picks as quickly as Durant.

If Brooklyn opens the bidding, multiple teams would offer huge hauls.

Having a generational superstar is rare, though. And while Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith aren't as talented as Irving individually, they're more reliable and likely to buy into whatever role Jacque Vaughn needs them to.

For at least the rest of this season, the Nets should see what they have with those two in place.

Verdict: Buy that KD might want more from Simmons, but sell that he or Simmons will get traded before Thursday.