With subpar play this season, especially versus the Denver Broncos last week, the play of Dont’a Hightower is being called into the question. The second year player struggled against the Broncos, which have some thinking he may already be a bust. Gary Tanguay, Andy Gresh, and Ron Borges discussed this possibility on Sports Tonight. “At this point, I would still sell that he is officially a bust,” Borges said. “He’s shown a lot of things that weren’t good. To me, that was the worst game I’ve seen him play, the Denver game. He was atrocious.” While Hightower is struggling, Chandler Jones who was picked in the first round alongside Hightower in 2012 has performed well with 10.5 sacks this season. “He’s a good up-field rusher, he’s got a lot of those Dwight Freeney traits and if allowed to do that I think he is pretty good,” Borges said. “But he got blasted against the run just like everybody else. So he was not stout on that end of it. But I think there is a lot of upside there.”