The German Bundesliga is fighting for its survival amid doubts over the return of domestic football until the summer due to the growing coronavirus outbreak, the league's chief executive Christian Seifert has said.

The top two divisions in Germany have been suspended until April 2 due to the global pandemic and could be subject to further cancellations, Seifert, who heads the German football league (DFL), announced on Monday.

"Tens of thousands of jobs are at stake," Seifert said in a news conference, addressing the 56,000 people working in the German football industry. "We've reached a point where Bundesliga has to admit: 'Yes, we are manufacturing a product and if we no longer manufacture it then we cease to exist.'

"It's not only about the stars. More is at stake than just a few matches."

At a general meeting in Frankfurt on Monday, clubs were tasked to look at worst-case scenarios until the end of March so the league can "assess who can survive for how long", Seifert added.

The DFL chief executive said that the lack of income from broadcasting, sponsoring and ticketing means that even if players would waive salaries the clubs "might go on for a while, but not for long".