Brendan Ryan has exercised his $1 million player option for 2016, meaning he’ll remain under contract and presumably reprise his role as the right-handed backup shortstop behind Didi Gregorius. Additionally, the Yankees announced they have declined their 2016 club option on Andrew Bailey. Because Bailey is still eligible for arbitration, I think he’s still under team control, but to be honest, I’m not absolutely positive. Either way, the chances of him coming back are pretty slim. UPDATE: Just to make sure, I checked with a Yankees official. Bailey is still under team control as an arbitration-eligible player. As for Ryan, he’s a cheap fit for a role the Yankees couldn’t otherwise fill internally. While the Yankees have plenty of young shortstops in their minor league system, they don’t have anyone ready to play a role in the big leagues. Really, Ryan’s not a bad fit. He’s a defensive standout and an experienced big leaguer, and as a right-handed hitter, he fits well alongside the lefty Gregorius. Ryan hasn’t been much of a hitter in his career, but he did hit .283/.321/.453 against lefties this season. He’s also capable of playing second base, third base and first base (turns out he can even pitch pretty well in a blowout) so he brings some much needed versatility.