The Kawhi Leonard mentions keep coming fast and furious. After all, Tony Snell played his final year of high school basketball with the rising Spurs star. Though they play different games — Leonard, beyond already being established, is more physical and a better rebounder — they share a serious demeanor and strong work ethic. That's what those who know both best say. But there's another Snell similarity that, as farfetched as it remains for now, can't be ignored — Scottie Pippen. To be clear: One is a Hall of Famer with six championships on his resume. The other played his second summer league game Monday night. For now, there is no comparison. There is collaboration. "He said he's going to help me out, help me work on my footwork," Snell said. "That would mean everything to me. I want to be a good player like him. If he shows me any pointers, we'll see what happens. "I mean, it's crazy just meeting him, mind-blowing. It's a blessing even talking to a Hall of Famer like that. I looked up to him. He used his length. I know I have length, so I have to use my length as well. I think I'm underrated on defense. I try to use my length and feet and put pressure on players." Forget Hall of Fame aspirations. The Bulls, who used the 20th pick in this year's draft on the New Mexico product, would settle for Snell to remain a longtime rotation player. But one thing is clear after just two summer league games: Snell appears comfortable playing at his pace, letting the game come to him. He doesn't force much, atypical for a rookie. More often that not, he takes the right shot. He defends. "I've always been that way," Snell said. "I let the game come to me. I just try to read plays. I don't like taking bad shots. I want the best shot for the team."