With reports that the Sacramento Kings could sell their franchise to a Seattle-based ownership group in the near future, two Bulls in particular were especially pleased with the news. Seattle native Nate Robinson and Vladimir Radmanovic, a member of the SuperSonics — the name of Seattle's franchise until its 2008 move to Oklahoma City — for the first five seasons of his career, shared their enthusiasm about professional basketball returning to the city. "For our city, it's big-time. They've been waiting for that for a few years now and the fans pretty much got their prayers answered, so for me, of course I'm happy, just because my family's out there. My kids love to watch me play basketball, so going back home for me, I'll be ecstatic," said Robinson, who grew up in Seattle, is the son of a former Seattle Seahawks football player and attended the University of Washington, which is located in Seattle. "I went to Gary Payton's basketball camps, Shawn Kemp's basketball camps, Detlef Schrempf, I did it all, so I grew up a big Sonic fan and I'm happy they're back." "I was kind of ticked off [when the Sonics moved], but it happens. But be patient and now look, we're back," added the Bulls backup point guard, who admitted that while he rooted for the Sonics in the 1996 NBA Finals, he wasn't heartbroken when they lost to the Bulls, due to being a Michael Jordan fan. "They have to [give the franchise back its original name, which was ceded by Oklahoma City's ownership]. That's a must. It wouldn't be the same. Seattle Kings? No way. The city wouldn't let that happen." Radmanovic chimed in: "I'm excited. I'm glad they got the team back. That town deserves to have a basketball team and I'm sure they'll make the best out of it.