Anything can happen when the Bulls' self-authored slogan is, "We can beat any team or lose to any team." With the Bulls down to seven games left in the regular season, it's becoming more likely they will be the first visiting team to experience playoff basketball in Brooklyn. As of Saturday morning, the Bulls sat in fifth place in the East, 1 game in the loss column behind the Nets and 2 losses ahead of the Atlanta Hawks. Some people are starting to ask if the No. 4 or 5 seed is be best for the Bulls. If they dropped to No. 6, they'd have to play New York or more likely Indiana in the first round, but could avoid a potential second-round matchup with Miami. Does it really matter? Any team that wants to win the East will probably have to deal with the Heat sooner or later. "We're not avoiding nobody," Nate Robinson said after Friday's game. "Wherever we fall, wherever we land, we're ready to play whoever it is." The Bulls have reason to feel confident against any of the three likely first-round opponents. They're 3-1 this season against the Nets, 3-0 against the Knicks and 1-3 against the Pacers. But they were competitive in all 3 losses to Indiana, despite playing with depleted lineups. So no reason to sweat the seed. If the Bulls have a chance to reach No. 4 and get homecourt advantage in the first round, that's the best scenario. They hold tiebreakers against both Brooklyn and Atlanta. After the Hawks lost at home to Philadelphia on Friday, Atlanta coach Larry Drew lamented his team's habit of clicking into cruise control when the playoffs are close. "'OK, we are going to coast until the regular season and we are going to turn it up once the playoffs start.' I told the team afterward that we are playing Russian roulette by doing that," Drew said. "I know the importance of momentum going into the postseason."