Some may look at the Cleveland Cavaliers' 4-12 record and five-game losing streak and see opportunity. Coach Tom Thibodeau views those same things and thinks dangerous. "When you dig deeper into their record and their season, they’ve had a heavy road schedule and they’ve had injuries," Thibodeau said before Saturday's morning shootaround at Quicken Loans Arena. "They have three losses at home. One is to Miami, a game in which they played very well. They have another loss to San Antonio, so they’ve had a couple tough home games. But this team is very, very talented." That includes Kyrie Irving, who will be guarded by Kirk Hinrich and still only has faced Derrick Rose once in his career. "He’s an elite point guard," Thibodeau said of Irving. "I think when you look at their perimeter, particularly when they play (Jarrett) Jack along with Irving and (Dion) Waiters, you have three guys who can go off the dribble. It puts a lot of pressure on your defense."