NBA players often have to deal with the question of having surgery or not, usually on a knee or ankle or back. While there are plenty of injuries where the course of treatment is clear cut, there are times when it’s a matter of personal or organizational preference. Rarely does that choice extend to facial fractures, but it did for Nikola Mirotic — who suffered a facial fracture after a punch in practice from teammate Bobby Portis — and he decided not to have surgery, John Paxson told WBBM Newsradio’s George Ofman. Mirotic has cleared the NBA’s concussion protocol but is a long way from returning to the court. Bobby Portis, who was given an eight-game suspension by the team, can return Nov. 8 against Toronto. Mirotic has said he is open to a trade, and it would be a challenging locker room for the Bulls to have both Portis and Mirotic in it when the European returns down the line.