By now, we should be over it. Throughout the course of this season, the Bulls have overachieved so many times that discussing them overcoming the odds has become overblown. But Monday night’s 93-86 Game 1 road win over the Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals was one of those things you wouldn’t believe if you didn’t see it. With Luol Deng back in Chicago and Kirk Hinrich in street clothes, the Bulls uglied it up, as is their custom, and stunned both the Heat and a Miami crowd that kept waiting for a game-ending run that never came. Instead, they witnessed league MVP LeBron James get outplayed for most of the evening by Jimmy Butler, Joakim Noah do Joakim Noah things and Nate Robinson have another one of those second halves that postseason legends are made of. “I really believe that we just give them our all. We just go out and play. We compete at a high level and Coach always harps on winning your matchup, and we try to go out there individually and do that and conquer that as a team together, collectively and I think we’re doing a great job,” explained Robinson, who scored 27 points, dished out nine assists, was incredibly clutch down the stretch and received 10 stitches inside and outside his upper lip after being basically crushed by James when the two of them were diving for a loose ball.