Former Bulls marksman Kyle Korver enters the game against the Bulls with his NBA-record streak of games with a three-pointer sitting at 102, and while Tom Thibodeau loved coaching Korver when he was a mainstay off the bench, he wouldn’t feel bad if the record ended Saturday night at the United Center with the Hawks in town. “Well, I don’t like to give up threes to anyone, so that’s the way we’re going to approach it,’’ Thibodeau said. “You’ve got to get out to his shot. You’ve got to have the ability to run him off his shot, then you have to do that without being undisciplined, where you’re just giving wide-open shots to other people. So it requires you to be very disciplined and have an awareness of where he is at all times, and he moves great without the ball. If you turn your head on him, he knows how to find an open area. He’s clever.’’