The 2022 NBA free agency class is one of the more underwhelming in recent seasons. There are a few restricted free agents that should cash in and some solid players that will be looking for paydays, but it is lacking in big-time difference makers.

One of the players who should cash in on a nice raise is Malik Monk of the Los Angeles Lakers. After facing a cold market last offseason, which resulted in him signing a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum, Monk will have a much more robust market in 2022.

The Kentucky product is entering free agency coming off the best season of his career. He had career-highs across the board, averaging 13.8 points to go along with 3.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game. He shot a career-best 47.3 percent from the field and knocked down 39.1 percent of his 3-point attempts.

Monk has not been shy when sharing his love for Los Angeles and the Lakers would love to have him back. Unfortunately for the team, Monk could have very well priced himself out of their range.