Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel billed it as a homecoming and while Monday's groundbreaking for the Bulls' new practice facility does indeed symbolize the team centralizing its operations within city limits, the construction of the building, adjacent from the United Center, also serves more practical purposes. "A year from now, the Bulls will be totally a Chicago team," Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said, referencing the facility's intended completion of prior to the 2014-15 NBA season. "This is a historic day for us, bringing the Chicago Bulls back, totally, into the city. We've been in Deerfield now for close to 30 years, first at the Multiplex and then at the Berto Center, which was, by the way, the first practice facility that was exclusively dedicated to an NBA team. "The mayor came to me and said that he thinks it would be a very, very good thing if the Chicago Bulls would come home to Chicago and if we are indeed a Chicago team, we belong in the city of Chicago," he continued. "I think it'll be a plus. It wasn't our first choice. My first choice was to build a bigger building in the Deerfield area. But the mayor said this was important to him and we want to be good citizens, so we went ahead and did it. But now it's growing on me.