Point guard Lonzo Ball was the first domino to fall.

Once he did, the Bulls found themselves in an unfamiliar place this offseason: They were an NBA destination.

Yes, that’s a description the Bulls suddenly carry, one that was more a punch line than a reality for years.

No, Chicago isn’t Miami or Los Angeles and likely never will be. But in acquiring Ball in a four-year, $85 million sign-and-trade last week with the Pelicans, the Bulls’ front office continued living up to its promises of changing the culture.

Now the Bulls have a culture All-Star-type players want to be a part of.

‘‘Obviously, the core,’’ four-time All-Star forward DeMar DeRozan said when he was asked Friday what sold him on joining the Bulls. ‘‘With [Nikola Vucevic] being there, Zach [LaVine], the organization, the city . . . the whole spectrum of the team and the organization for me.