Vinny Curry is a self-proclaimed man of mystery. Like many of his teammates, but maybe even more so, the second-year Eagles defensive lineman has no clue where he fits in the new scheme.

 Curry, who played the traditional 4-3 defensive end role as a rookie last year, is a moving part, being yo-yoed from 3-4 defensive end to outside linebacker as the coaches experiment with their personnel to gauge where everyone best fits.

 Athletes tend to embrace certainty with roles. It allows them to concentrate exclusively on their jobs and zero in on areas where they need to develop and improve, but Curry isn’t worried about the process dragging into the spring camps and later into training camp. 
“Not really, man. If you just come out there and practice, you’re hyped for what they’re doing,” he said. “I’ll tell you one thing, everybody [on the coaching staff] is using their players to their strengths. They’re using Trent [Cole] to his strength, me to my strength. Everything is coming together slowly but surely.” Curry, one of two second-round picks last season, played all over the map at Marshall but carved his niche as disruptive pass rusher who not only racked up 26 career sacks but also 49 tackles behind scrimmage and 10 forced fumbles.

 Plenty of 3-4 teams scouted him and worked him out before last year’s draft and several analysts believed that Curry could function equally as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 scheme or end in the 4-3. For now, the Eagles are jockeying him between defensive end -- the five-technique opposite Fletcher Cox -- in the odd front, where they also have Cedric Thornton competing, and outside linebacker, where the team is also auditioning converted ends Brandon Graham and Cole. The picture is as incomplete as it is muddled, but Curry has experiences in several different schemes going back to Marshall, where he said he played under five different defensive line coaches in five seasons.