Few things are more enjoyable than Twitter fights between players. There's something churlish about two grown men having playground-style arguments for the whole world to see -- let alone elite NFL athletes. In case you missed it, yesterday evening Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets, and the Seahawks' Richard Sherman had a back-and-forth over who's the better cornerback. Sherman pointed to his interception numbers as a key indicator, while Revis... well... he pointed to the number of Twitter followers he has. This is an admirable approach to predicting success, so in honor of Darrelle Revis, we're letting him play Carolina Panthers GM to give us the best team possible. Offense Quarterback Jimmy Clausen (45,851 followers) Cam Newton chooses not to have a Twitter account, but no matter, there's still Jimmy! Waiting in the wings since 2010, the Revis model thrusts him back into the limelight with over 45,000 screaming Clausen-iacs waiting for his return. Running Back Jonathan Stewart (79,003 followers) The system works! The Panthers keep their future prospects bright by starting Stewart at RB. An injury in 2012 isn't enough to sideline him this year, especially with that many followers.