Sunday was a strange day for the Phillies. Not strange in regards to the green uniforms they wore, or the green memorabilia that dotted the stands during the 5-3 win against the Orioles in front of a record crowd. No, the biggest news of the day happened in less than 30 minutes, or the time Roy Halladay spent walking to the mound, throwing 25 pitches, and heading back into the clubhouse ailing from a stomach virus. That bug brought a swift end to Halladay’s much-ballyhooed start, one that appeared somewhat crucial after his meltdown last Tuesday. That 2 2/3-inning, seven-run flop of a start Tuesday set off alarm bells. Was the aging Halladay on a straight decline this spring? After an injury-riddled 2012 that saw Halladay a shell of himself, worry spread. And seeing him jog off the field after one inning Sunday — stomach virus or not — did nothing to allay those fears. The Phillies insist Halladay is fine, and that his ailments are limited to said virus, much like the one Jonathan Papelbon — who missed his appearance Sunday — has struggled with of late. “I know he was sick (Saturday),” Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said. “I didn't know if he'd make it out the bullpen today.”