LeSean McCoy furrowed his brow and shook his head at the mention of the idea that Tyrod Taylor should be benched. As he often has during his tenure as the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback, Taylor has come under fire this week after the team lost 9-3 to Carolina and Taylor had 125 yards passing. Some fans have started to wonder when the switch to rookie Nathan Peterman will come. "I hadn't heard that yet," McCoy said. "I guess he gets blamed for everything. I don't think so. Tyrod's a hell of a player, man. He makes plays. Without him, we would have had no shot last week. He made some plays when things weren't blocked well and he got out of it." McCoy's defense of Taylor wasn't too far of from what offensive coordinator Rick Dennison had to say on Monday. "I have complete confidence in him," Dennison said. "I thought he did some good things even though he did some bad things. He did some good things. He managed the team when things weren't going well but kept us in the game. Some people might have gone south. He kept us all rolling. Had to make some plays with his feet when things weren't there. And he's coachable. You tell him to do something, he'll do it right. He'll fix it."