Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone was a college and NFL offensive lineman during his brief playing career. He was an offensive line coach in college and with the New York Jets, and when he was the offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, he also coached their offensive line. Quite frankly, Bills fans shouldn't be too worried about the team's offensive line based on Marrone's presence alone; he'll have a quality line in Buffalo. He may already have a quality line, too. The Bills have had some revolving door situations at certain positions along their offensive front over the last several years, but they've been quite good up front in 2011 and 2012. Within the context of the quick-paced passing and zone run blocking offense installed by departing head coach Chan Gailey, Buffalo's current group of linemen performed admirably. Marrone will bring his own player preferences for linemen with him, and Nathaniel Hackett his own offense. Up until now, the Bills have looked at the tackle position differently than other NFL teams, preferring behemoths (and often sacrificing some athleticism to get size) to the more traditional nimble-footed edge athletes that dominate today's game. Whether or not Marrone is comfortable with that prototype at tackle remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely that he'll mandate immediate changes at the position regardless of his preferences, considering the solid amount of young talent he's got to work with.