The Buffalo Bills are off to a 5-2 start, and before anyone gets excited about the playoffs – they’ve only beaten one team with a winning record, Atlanta – the schedule gets significantly more difficult in the 2nd half with two games against the Patriots, back-to-back trips to the Chargers and Chiefs, and a home date with the Saints. Still, 5-2 is impressive given the turnover that happened in the offseason – a new coach in January, a new GM in May – and then the flurry of moves the Bills made over the last two months, starting with trading receiver Sammy Watkins and most recently, unloading defensive tackle Marcel Dareus. We’ll get back to the season in a moment, but first, here’s how stacked their draft future is: 2018 1st Round: 2 (theirs, Kansas City Chiefs pick) 2nd Round: 2 (theirs, LA Rams pick) 3rd Round: 1 (Philadelphia Eagles pick) 4th Round: 1 (theirs) 5th Round: 1 (theirs) 6th Round: 1 (Jacksonville Jaguars pick)