DUSTIN BYFUGLIEN won't ever reveal the number. His weight -- listed at 265 pounds in the Winnipeg Jets training camp guide -- will remain between him and the club. But he does look leaner and quicker for what it's worth. And when he was asked if he was down in weight after the first official on-ice session offered up this: "Yeah. A little bit. Up and down." Byfuglien spent more time on the ice this summer working on fine-tuning his game and also attended the U.S. Olympic Orientation camp. But there is no secret diet or training regime involved here. "I didn't really do anything different. I was on the ice a little bit more" he said. "I did what I had to do to come to camp ready to go." The Jets clearly need Byfuglien to be more engaged more consistent and more committed if they are to become a playoff team. When he's on he's a difference-maker. And when he's not he's a difference-maker for all the wrong reasons. "Everyone tries to be as consistent as they can that's the main focus" said Byfuglien. "It's something I just have to bear down on and try to do my hardest and my best and just work with it." As for his own goals in 2013-14 he added: "Same as every year. Try to get to the top and try to be the best player out there I can be and try and take over games." Byfuglien also riffed on a couple of other timely topics.