With the team already being accused of leaking confidential information the Bucs won't comment on the status of guard Carl Nicks or the likelihood his recurrent MRSA infection has required surgery on his left foot. Welcome to the new NFL where players seek outside medical opinions and teams don't always have the final say on treatment. Nicks who was diagnosed with MRSA in his left foot in mid-April had a recurrence of that infection last week. Dr. Deverick Anderson co-director of the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network indicated in Nicks' case where antibiotics have been tried and failed surgery is generally required. "Honestly when it comes to that type of infection that is to say an MRSA infection in the bone it is not uncommon at all for it to recur'' Anderson said. "The reality is that often when MRSA gets into the bone then antibiotic therapy alone is not enough to actually cure it. so typically in that scenario where you've tried antibiotic therapy and it continues to recur that indicates you may require a surgical procedure to definitively remove that infection.'' Bucs coach Greg Schiano said Monday that Nicks was undergoing an examination to determine the best course of treatment to rid him of the infection.