With less than a week until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ preseason opener practice has become more physical. Fitting for the theme players and coaches played for higher stakes Saturday. They competed for push-ups -- the chance either to "earn" or avoid them. On multiple occasions entire offensive and defensive units were seen dropping to the ground after a drill that simulated third-down scenarios. Coach Greg Schiano said his team participates in "play-it periods" which mimic game-like situations without the tackling. Tampa Bay practiced for the fourth consecutive day -- the Bucs are scheduled to be off Sunday -- and Schiano wanted to offer an incentive for the best group in each session to keep the attention level high. "We just made things competitive" Schiano said. "I figured since we were going to make it competitive and have a winner and a loser let's have a little prize for the winner or punishment for the loser." The results were balanced which pleased Schiano. He said the requirement was 10 push-ups for the losing unit including assistant coaches though he admitted "there were some liberties taken there." Even Schiano took part in the work: He was seen doing push-ups in the middle of a team huddle following a drill.