After he oversaw the worst season in franchise history, Derek Fisher’s first pregame speech of this campaign included an explanation of his personal problems. Not an ideal beginning. With reports circulating about his altercation and love triangle in Los Angeles, Fisher addressed the topic to his overhauled roster roughly two hours before its tipoff Wednesday against Brazilian club Bauru at the Garden. But in low and subdued tones during a press conference, the 41-year-old declined to give his story about the dustup with tattooed Memphis forward Matt Barnes. “Personal and private matters are personal and private. We’re obviously public figures, but we’re at work,” Fisher said. “So I won’t be commenting on anything that happened personally or privately for me. So my state of mind is that we have a game tonight. Nothing that I’ve experienced has anything to do with how we perform tonight. I’m completely focused and committed to the team. Not distracting in any way. And that’s about it.” Fisher then defended his character, while hinting that the circumstances were beyond his control. Barnes reportedly drove to the home of his estranged wife, Gloria Gavon, seeking and carrying out a physical confrontation with Fisher. Gavon is reportedly dating Fisher, who recently split with his wife.