A confused and disgruntled Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan base has been wondering for weeks now why $16 million cornerback Darrelle Revis has been playing so much zone coverage. The reason, according to Revis, is he wasn’t healthy enough or in good enough shape to play press man coverage. Revis said during his weekly radio show on WDAE (620 AM) on Thursday that his reconstructed left knee prohibited him from playing the press man style that has made him arguably the best cornerback in the league. “Earlier in the year, I didn’t have the explosion to play press; the receiver would just run the (vertical) 9-route on me and I didn’t have the stamina to do that play in and play out, especially playing press. “I mean, you get physical up there playing press coverage and then actually just running. That’s running full speed — you and the receiver. I didn’t have that yet. “I’m starting to get that back now, which is awesome because I like to be in receivers faces and try to put my hands on them and try to be physical with them.” Revis said he began to play more press coverage a week ago during the Bucs loss to Carolina, when he spent a good part of the day shadowing Panthers Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith. He said he responded well physically to that test.