Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has something to say to all those who believe he shouldn't be playing right now because of a bicep injury and the fact that, at 4-11, the Bucs are playing meaningless football. "That's a loser's mindset," said the six-time Pro Bowler, who's also the franchise's highest-paid player. He played against the Carolina Panthers last week despite suffering a partially-torn bicep and will play Sunday in the season finale against the New Orleans Saints. "That's a terrible mindset to have. Anybody who says that to me, I just think that's a losing mindset," McCoy said. "Regardless of what our record says, 'What do you mean, I ain't got nothing to play for? I've been working to be a professional athlete my entire life so you think that just because I've got a little pain that I'm not gonna play, because we're not going to the playoffs?" "Come on man," McCoy said. "That's what suckers do and that's what losers do and I ain't neither one. I go out there and give it my all, regardless of what the record says, regardless of what people think I have to play for - I'm playing for something much bigger than wins and losses." McCoy suffered the injury to his right bicep in Week 14 against the Detroit Lions, forcing him to miss the Week 15 game against the Atlanta Falcons. He returned to action against the Carolina Panthers in Week 16, recording his sixth sack of the season.