Finally, it’s over. That’s the best thing you can say about the Bucs’ 2017 season. It’s over. You don’t have to watch anymore. No more Jameis Winston bone-headed turnovers. No more special-team blunders. No more games where the other team’s quarterback can stand back there all day deciding which of the three open receivers he wants to throw the ball to. No more wasted Sunday afternoons. No more avoiding SportsCenter on Sunday nights. No more losing. It’s over. Mercifully. It ended Sunday on the upswing. A nice come-from-behind win against the playoff-bound Saints. Just a reminder of what could have been in this disappointing 5-11 season. This season wasn’t supposed to go down this way. Remember the good ol’ days? Back when Hard Knocks was here? Back when the Bucs were coming off a 9-7 season and the future looked sunny and bright? There was talk of the quarterback having an All-Pro season. There was talk about the Bucs, finally, having the right head coach. There was talk of a division title. There was talk of playoffs. Then the whole thing came crashing down. Why? How? We’re still not sure. It can’t be as simple as a few injuries and it’s certainly not as complicated as offensive game plans and defensive schemes. Whatever it was, it all just kind of, well, happened. One day the Bucs were 2-1 and almost beating the Patriots. And seemingly the next day there was talk about whether Dirk Koetter should be the coach and whether the Bucs have a future with Winston at quarterback.