Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown filed a federal civil rights suit Tuesday against the Milwaukee Police Department and the city, claiming wrongful arrest and excessive force during an altercation outside a Walgreens store. 

Milwaukee police violated his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights during his arrest and tasing about 2 a.m. Jan. 26, the suit says.

Brown was confronted by an officer after parking across two handicap parking spots outside a Walgreens drug store at West National Avenue and South 26th Street.

An officer who pulled up to the store waited for Brown to walk out before questioning him about the parking violation.

The first body camera video made public, which was released by the Police Department last month, shows officers taking Brown to the ground and tasing him. On that video, he does not appear to act aggressively.

Additional video showed Brown on the ground after he was tased in the back, with one officer holding his shoulder and another standing with a foot on Brown's right ankle.

Brown's attorney, Mark Thomsen, is expected to speak with reporters later Tuesday.

Named defendants in the suit include the City of Milwaukee, Police Chief Alfonso Morales, Sgt. Sean Mahnke, Sgt. Jeffrey S. Krueger and Officers Joseph J. Grams, Bojan Samardzic, James P. Collins, Cristobal Martinez Avila, Erik A. Andrade and Jason P. Jensen.