For the last few years the Cleveland Cavaliers have basically been the older brother to the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee is just a seven-hour drive across the great state of Michigan from Cleveland, and while the young Bucks have slowly been progressing into a team capable of contending for a title, the Cavs have been seated atop their Eastern Conference perch -- looking down on the Bucks and saying, "Aww, that's cute. You'll get there one day." The Cavs allowed Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo to drop 34 points against them in the second game of the season, but it was fine because Cleveland still won by 20. Since then the Cavs have been downright atrocious, suffering horrible losses in five of their last six games while Antetokounmpo has gone on to become a legitimate MVP candidate. And on Tuesday, the last straw. The Bucks reportedly acquired guard Eric Bledsoe from the Phoenix Suns, giving them a much-needed second playmaker that should put them in the mix atop the Eastern Conference with the Cavs, Celtics and Raptors.