When Doug Martin rushes for over 100 yards good things usually happen. Doug ran over 100 yards in eight games. Of those eight games, six of them were wins. In games where Doug rushed for under 100 yards, the Bucs went 1 – 7. That’s a very telling stat. It does not reveal how many touchdowns were scored, but the implementation of the run utilizes, or rather runs down, the clock. Let us inspect where Doug ran well by breaking down the season into three segments: beginning, middle, and end. Beginning was the first four games. Middle is the middle six games. End is the last six games of the year. I broke down the season into three segments in order to find a pattern or trend. The pattern is: When Doug runs for 100 yards, the Bucs have a better chance at winning the game. The contrapositive to that statement is: When Doug does not run for 100 yards, then the Bucs do not have a better chance at winning the game. I had thought Coach Schiano was a heavy run offensive guy.